On Jan.5,1925, llias Vrioni's cabinet, which had been in power when the revolutionists entered Tirana and took affairs into their hands, gave in its resignation and the High Council of Regency appointed Zogu to form the new Government.

Everything proceeded as tho the revolutionists had never been in power. On Jan. 7, 1925, the Prime Minister presented himself before the Constituent Assembly for the required vote of confidence. Simultaneously with this, the Prime Minister issued the following proclamation :




"From the moment that I have taken te oath of office, I made myself responsible before you in case I do not proceed according to the following program.


First of all, I wish to give you a report of the last events and then state the program of my Cabinet.'


The revolutionists, supported by the regular army, took the power from the legal Government and set up one of their own, under the Pri miership of Mr. Fan Noli and dismissed the members of the Constituent Assembly. Their regime, which lasted six months, was characterized by imprisonments, confiscations of property and burning of houses. The program, good or bad, which they had promised the people, was never carried out.


These abuses against your liberty, were com mitted with the direct assistance of army officers in active service, whom you expected to see defending the State and the honor of the nation.


A place, where life, property and, above all personal honor, are not respected, that place with communistic ideas, cannot possibly exist in the present century.


To put an end to this most dangerous situation, and on the basis of the decree I had from the legal Government of the country, in my quality of Commander in Chief of the legal forces, on Dec. 13, 1924, I began the military operations ; and on December 24, the same forces entered Tirana where they were received with great enthusiasm by the people.


After Ilias Vrioni's resignation, as you know, the High Council of Regency appointed me to office. My first reform is to separate the army from any participation in politics, and thus I have already suppressed the Ministry of War and in its stead I have created a General Command of National Defense of the armed forces.


In order to reestablish the discipline in the army which had become the nest of the political parties ; the old system will be abolished and in its stead will be adopted the militia system.


Since the number of the army officers is too great, part of them will be released keeping in service the most capable and those that never took part in'politics.


The Gendarmerie will be reorganized with the assistance of foreign organizers, so as to be in a position to ensure peace and border in te country.


Since the revenue of the State is not sufficient, the expenses will be reduced to such a degree as to enable the Government to use an important sum for Public Works.


The disarming of the population is going to begin as soon as possible.


In all the Departments of the Administration the work of reorganization and saving is going on. A little later a detailed statement will be made regarding this matter.


Since our Country is small and our State not yet organized, we must keep neutral and follow a friendly policy with all States.


We do not wish to be the nest of adventurous ideas, which disturb the good order of our Country as well as that of the neighbouring States. We do respect the international obligations, and, do wish to be respected by all other nations.


In one word, our foreign policy will be the defense of our independence and of our territorial integrity.


One of the main purposes is to call the people to new elections, and I assure you that there will be no push and pull on the part of the Government. The elections are free and must be free for we wish that everybody should understand and feel the sovereign power of the people, for which I have the greatest respect.


The General Command of the military operations, so far has made no arrests, and no burning of houses; this spirit of moderation will continue on the part of the Government also if the good order of the country will not be disturbed; otherwise the guilty will be punished severely.


I hope that soon peace and good order will prevail throughout the whole country; that, in due time, the organizations of the different departments, inaugurated will be completed; and, that soon the Government will be in a positon to begin work on Public Works.


To sum up, our program contains:

1. The organization of all the Departments of Administration;

2. The organization of the Army;

3. The solution of economic problems of the State.


May God help me to meet your expectations."


The Constituent Assembly received the statement of the Prime Minister with great enthusiasm and prolonged applause, and gave to Zogu's Cabinet a unanimous vote of confidence.