13 Oct. 1998

Statement to the Press by the Secretary General

Following Decision on the ACTORD

A few hours ago we were briefed by Ambassador Holbrooke on his efforts to resolve the crisis in Kosovo. Ambassador Holbrooke reported that there has been progress. He stressed that the process was largely due to the pressure of the Alliance in the last few days and that we have to maintain this pressure in order to ensure that the process continues.

In response, just a few moments ago, the North Atlantic Council decided to issue activation orders - ACTORDs - for both limited air strikes and a phased air campaign in Yugoslavia, execution of which will begin in approximately 96 hours.

We took this decision after a thorough review of the situation in Kosovo. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has still not complied fully with UNSCR 1199 and time is running out.

Even at this final hour, I still believe diplomacy can succeed and the use of military force can be avoided.

The responsibility is on President Milosevic's shoulders. He knows what he has to do.