February 23, 1999 

Rambouillet Agreement
 on Creation of The Provisional Government of Kosova (PGK)  

The Kosova Delegation at the Rambouillet Conference, after consultations with political and military groups of Kosova : The Kosova Liberation Army, The Democratic League of Kosova (LDK), The United Democratic Movement (UDM), and two members of the Independents, on February 23, 1999.

 Decided :

1.To form The Provisional Government of Kosova.

2. The Government shall govern until the first free elections in Kosova take place.

3. According to this agreement the mandate for the formation of the government is given to One Representative of the Kosova Liberation Army (KLA).


The three political groups will be equally represented in the government, including the Prime Minister-designate, and other possible independent politicians.

Signed by :

For the KLA              For the LDK                       For the UDM
Mr Hashim Thaši      Dr. Ibrahim Rugova          Academic Rexhep Qosja

For the Independents
Mr. Veton Surroi 


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