The Serb Withdrawal Plan


The Military Technical Agreement between NATO and the Yugoslav Army provides for the phased withdrawal of all Yugoslav forces against an agreed timetable. The Entry Into Force Day (EIF), referred to in this timetable, is the day the agreement was signed 9th June.


• By EIF + 1 day - tonight at one minute before midnight, FRY forces will have to leave Zone 3. Once this has been verified by SACEUR, the NATO Secretary General will suspend NATO air strikes. As soon as the UN Security Council Resolution is adopted, KFOR will begin the rapid deployment of its forces into Kosovo so as to avoid a security vacuum.

• By EIF + 6 days all FRY forces will have vacated Zone 1.

• By EIF + 9 days all FRY forces in Kosovo will have vacated Zone 2.

• By EIF + 11 days all FRY forces in Kosovo will have vacated Zone 3 and will have completed their withdrawal from Kosovo to locations in Serbia, and not within the 5 kilometre Ground Safety Zone.

I represents NATO presence at j+1

II represents NATO presence at j+6

III represents NATO presence at j+11

At the end of this sequence, the senior FRY force commander will confirm in writing to KFOR that all FRY forces have complied and completed the phased withdrawal. The NATO Secretary General will only terminate the bombing campaign after the complete withdrawal of the FRY forces. But as General Sir Mike Jackson, who signed the agreement on behalf of NATO, has warned, the agreement requires the air campaign to be resumed if the withdrawal timetable is breached.

Source : Site du ministère de la Défense britannique