ANNEXE 3 : Articles de presse

Albania - 02/07/1997 -

Referendum, the greatest surprise

Albania returns the kings

Heir to King Zog, Leka I,

wins 54 percent of votes

Referring to the referendum on the form of the regime in Albania, "the monarchy has won in some cities", say representatives of the Royal Party. The member of the Central Election Commission, representative of the RP, Akil Basha, gave reporters the following results, which have been also confirmed by respective town halls and prefectures.

In Lushnje, the monarchy has won 60 percent of the votes, in Fier 53 percent, Lezhe 51 percent, Lac 54 percent, Durrės 60 percent, Kavaje 53 percent, Malesi e Madhe 55 percent, Shkoder 72 percent, Burrel 82 percent, Kruje about 50 per cent, Peshkopi 50 percent, Gjirokaster 55 percent.

According to Basha, the percentages in favor of the monarchy have been lower in some other districts such as in Tropoje 30 percent, Berat 30 percent, Kukes 45 percent, Vlore 30 percent, Puke 40 percent, Sarande 30 percent and Korce 40 percent. Promising reports, according to the chairman of the RP Guri Durollari, are those coming from some constituencies of Tirana.

In the constituency 43 in favor of the monarchy have voted 47 percent of the voters, in constituency 48, 58 percent of the votes have been in favor of the monarchy, constituency 49 had 49 votes in favor of the monarchy, constituencv 51 had 35 per cent of the votes for the monarchy, constituency 56 had 56 votes for the monarchy while constituency 57 had 47 votes for the monarchy.

Still according to Durollari, there have been irregularities in the ballot counting process. There are remarks made in the protocol on the voting in the polling stations 12 and 13 because in the polling box are found more ballots than the registered voter's list. The protocol has been signed by the chairman, deputy chairman and the secretary of the constituency election commission.

The protocols from constituency 44 show that in the referendum on the form of the regime in Albania, in favor of the republic were 60 per cent of the votes and in constituency 37 of Durres, in favor of the republic were 58 per cent of the votes.


Fatos Nano responsible for

monarchy vote fraud

Monarchy won,

manipulations not accepted

Determined to respect the verdict of the people, the heir to King Zog, Leka I, says there is no way kingdom acknowledges socialists' fraud.

The heir to the royal throne, Leka Zogu, declared Tuesday in a news conference the victory of the constitutional monarchy after the Sunday polls, where the Albanian people would choose the form of regime in the country.

Being sure of his victory, but anyhow waiting for the final pronouncement of the Central Election Commission, Leka Zogu said that "the fraudulence is not accepted by the kingdom".

"I will accept the verdict of the people in case of a loss, confirmed by the Central Electoral Commission," he said.

The Minister of the royal court, Abedin Mulosmani, gave severe answers, protesting for "a confiscation" of the vote, and found responsible for this the socialist leader Nano or even "the pressure exerted from abroad".

The heir of Ahmet Zogu did not also agree with the preliminary report of the OSCE troika, who declared on Monday that the elections "were correct". He expresssed his deep concern that the socialists are trying to manipulate the victory of the referendum.