26 November 1998


The following are the expected results of the Referendum in Albania held on the 22nd of November 1998. As per my last fax the results are pretty well what we expected. I will again impose upon you to give you verbatum a short report by one of our people in country.

The Referendum was carried out under the control of the Police in all polling booths. The lists of voters from the Communes (Districts) and the Municipalities were replaced by lists from the Prefects (Prefects are not elected. They are nominated by the Government) who eliminated from the lists 400 000 people.

The situation after 17.00 hours, due to the very small attendance by the electorate, was such that the authorities started to put fully completed Forms into the ballot boxes and the procès-verbaux began to change in the houses of the Leaders of the voting Commissions who were now guarded by the Police. There is no resemblance between the ballot papers (their number) and the number of voters in the procès-verbaux.

Acts of force and terror by the State were seen to happen in Kavajë, Lushnjë, Elbasan and Vlore and in one District of Elbasan one of the members of the Commission of the Opposition was shot and killed. These acts have been denounced by the Opposition (the Opposition is the Democratic Alliance which includes the Legality Party).

The Socialist Party and the foreigners hurriedly declared that the new Constitution had won with over 90% of those who voted and that those who voted were over 53% of the population. The Opposition figures show an actual figure of 39.6% of partaking voters and a return pro the Republic within that 39.6% of between 25% and 28%.

On the 24th of November 1998 the Central Commission of the Election started to give the results as per the Socialist Party instructions. The News Agencies of Italy and Greece were the first to give the news that the new Constitution had been accepted with more than 50% of the electorate by the people.

The same declaration has been repeated by foreign Ambassadors in Albania. The Ambassador of the OSCE declared one day before the Referendum that if the Constitution that the Government wishes would not be passed by the people, they would demand new elections. This of course gave rise to greater manipulations by the Government.

The Opposition has started protests in Tirana claiming manipulation and the forcing of a minority over the majority. Unfortunately the foreign Governments have decided that the Constitution is to be accepted and the President will sign it into Law on the 28th of November 1998.

It should be understood that this Constitution will not solve any of Albania's problems as it has been created to please the foreigners. Since it does not solve the National question, since it does not solve the Internal problems, since it gives a small minority power over the majority and since it leaves justice hanging in the hands of a corrupt system and a system which has proved itself to be the servant of the Greeks, the Italians, the Serbs and finally Germany and Europe as a whole, it is expected that very quickly it will be overthrown. The possibilities of civil war are already being openly discussed throughout the main Centres.